Frequently Asked Questions

The commonly asked questions are answered here. If your have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

FAQs about WP Bouncer Services

Please refer to the pricing plans for up-to-date information. 

No. There are no hidden costs or surprise invoices. 

No. There are no contracts. Our plans are monthly and you can cancel anytime. 

We offer occasional, special promotions on certain plans. Please see the pricing plans for any ongoing offers. 

The backups are stored on secure Amazon S3 servers in EU. 

Depending on your plan, the website is backed up daily or monthly. 

A backup archive is maintained for 90 days. 

Yes. Will will take care of updating your theme, plugins and even WordPress core updates. 

Do note that you are responsible for maintaining subscription and active licenses for the premium themes and plugins you use. We do not do that on your behalf.

Please log into your support portal and raise a support ticket. 

We are continuously monitoring your site and would clean up any malware we detect. 

If you suspect any issues with your site, you can contact us and ask for a scan. We will check if any problems can be detected. 

Payment options are accessible in our portal and we process payments through Stripe by default. If that is a problem, let us know and we can explore alternative options. 

We would need admin access to your WordPress website site hosting.

Once you sign up with us, gathering this information is part of the onboarding process and we can help you if you face any problems. 

Yes! We can onboard all of your sites individually. You can choose a specific plan for each site. Please contact support to get started.

For the first 10 days, a 100% refund is given. After 10 days, refunds for monthly plans are prorated based on how much time is left in that month. 

Please login to the portal and contact support. We will cancel the subscription promptly, but we do appreciate feedback so that we can improve our services.

Refunds, if applicable, are processed as per our refund policy. 

FAQs about other WordPress Services

We focus on providing a hassle-free WordPress care service for our clients. This means that we unwilling and not able to provide a number of services that can go into running a full-fledged WP business website. 

No. SEO services is a speciality area and we don’t do that.

No. Paid themes and plugins have active support teams, and free ones offer community support. Those are your best avenues to fix issues with themes or plugins. 

Do note that nulled themes or plugins are severe security threat and we highly recommend against using them. 

Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us

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